Simon Knox And The Prophecy Of Asragur

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There a thousands of fantasy adventure books on the market. And every year numerous are added.

The choice of fantasy books for kids is unmanagable big.

Certainly many of them are enough to put you to sleep. However there are a lot of books that entertain us very good from the first page until the last one. And which could become one of our favourite reading books for kids very fast.

Simon Knox and the Prophecy of Asragur belongs to that entertaining books and is quite a big surprise. As it made it’s way to the highly-competitive book market on it’s own.

Summer holidays are just awesome. But sometimes they are not what we actually have expected.

That is what Simon and his best friend Richie experienced firsthand as a dubious dragon lured them to his empire.

The prophecy of the old dragonking Asragur appointed Simon to be the only hope for the survival of his kingdom and the only one to defeat the black elf.

Looking for a safe place and advice the people of the moor elves provided shelter to the boys.

But time is pressuring upon them. The final battle for the dragon throne is imminent. And therefore the two boys and their new friends start a dangerous journey into an uncertain future.

Nearly insolvable tasks are waiting for the boys.

A friendly Wullom, horrible Shadow wolves and an ugly Nagrim are just a few of the creatures which are waiting for Simon and Richy.

Altogether Simon Knox and the Prophecy of Asragur is a throughout successful fantasy adventure with the potential of becoming a well known bestseller. Some of the 23 chapters could have been a bit more detailed and others a bit less. But this is actually a personal opinion.

The story is easy to understand and fluently written. The characters, the different creatures and the complete setting are worked out detailed and with big care.

This book is dedicated to readers aged from 10 to 99. Adults who love fantasy stories as well will be also attracted to the unbelievable adventures of Simon Knox.

When I remember the books of my childhood this thrilling adventure would have had a good place among my adventure books.

The German edition got a few 5 star reviews on

My personal impression of this quite exciting novel leads to a very good 4 point rating.

I wish you a lot fun with Simon and his friends.

I really hope you liked this review. For any comment or suggestion please leave a reply. And I would be more than happy to connect.

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